Northern Exposure / 40 Oz. Below Zero

by Good Knight

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This is a mix of Good Knight's albums "Northern Exposure" and "40 Oz. Below Zero." It contains his greatest hits into one dope mixtape.


released November 19, 1988

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 produced by Good Knight.
Tracks 3 & 5 produced by Shawn Wayne.
Tracks, 6, 11, 12 produced by James Knight.
Track 7 produced by DJ-ESSE
Track 9, 13, 14 produced by T-Ray (of TEAMWORK)
Track 10 produced by DJ PhatBox (of Rhymes Anonymous)
Track 15 produced by DJ Slurk & Good Knight




Good Knight Minneapolis, Minnesota

Good Knight is a hip-hop artist originally from Duluth, Minnesota and now based out of Minneapolis.

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Track Name: Good Knight (featuring Demando & Scoot Vazoon) - Like a TRUKiD
this the new shit shit that you do dig
yeah cuz i do it like a tru kid
hating on me? ha what you stupid?
yeah cuz i do it like a tru kid

like a tru kid -- know what my status is
step to the party and i gets with the baddest bitch
got the phattest kicks -- same color as my skin tone
and the girls got good knight blasting on they ring tone
all the shorties i bring home give the king dome
yeah they like to get down just like they had the syndrome
get retarded -- we gonna party get drunk and stupid
shhh i'm a mothafuckin tru kid
who this? its the its the its good knight
from the 2 eighteen -- that's duluth's straight king
so i sip on that crown royal in the purple sack
same color as herbal -- back to jumping hurdles jack
cuz i'm runnin shit in duluth like grandma's marathon
i try to take off her panties but she don't even wear a thong
she get a middle finger up it -- just like a duluth pig
do it like a tru kid like a tru kid
Track Name: Two-Eighteen (Duluth, Minnesnowta Part II)
as i lace up my kicks put on my twins cap
drift back -- chit chat bout my city -- i miss that
since i dipped for a minute on this little road trip
for some odd reason i been a little home sick
no shit -- you may ask why my town's on my dome's tip
its because the people i call my fam that i grown with
but i don't miss no trick even if she blow dick
i know they missing me even though i hadda go quick
cuz all we used to do was get drunk and smoke spliffs
now i'm a few miles south -- still cold temps and snow drifts
i moved to minneap cuz that's where the city at
aint nothing to do back home yea that shit be wack
but i still represent the place i was born and raised
even though that's where i spent my bordest days
and you and your friends all been with the same bitches
but then i cross the lift bridge -- got damn i miss this

the day i die i tell you where i'll be found
duluth minnesnowta -- d town
don't matter how boring duluth may seem
i still gotta show love to the 2 eighteen

i miss the 218 -- thanks for the homies you bless me with
beats from dj esse shit -- and last night for that sexy chick
i missed a few people -- but please don't be offended
i'll get you at the end kid -- this for all that was befriended
all blended into a town that intertwined
with boring ass days and cold nights in the wintertime
but it stay in my mind i can't seem to forget the days and nights
rocking j's and nikes and the nugs getting blazed in pipes
just a buncha alcoholics slews in duluth
spark joints in park point summer cruising the loop
i grew up on the west side then over by lincoln park now
until my mom past away -- i remember them dogs sit and bark loud
them spliffs get sparked round -- dribbling at harrison
i just shot an air ball haha that shit was just embarrassing
kids acting hard -- haha they just little i aint scared of em
just a bunk ass town -- but no city in comparison

i went to mcarthur elementary -- junior high at morgan park
graduated denfeld high school -- that's where my boredom start
now my jordan's walk around -- that's where my family still stay
if i'm starving hard then i just hit up the sammy's buffet
all my gary new duluth bros -- eat up some hugo's
then grandma's sports garden everybody in duluth goes
this for all the true bros -- i know you check to see this
if i need some records -- i hit up electric fetus
drive remix -- but i aint driving i aint very sober
skanky strippers at the north shore and saratoga
but here's a shout out to them skater homies -- freestyle and
damage if i want some grub i dip over to coney island
some be phony smiling -- but my city know me i'm a star
this for them scuds and bums outside cozy bar
got my city in my blood covered up with scar tissue
still gotta rep duluth minnesnowta y'all i miss you

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